Fast, environmentally friendly long lasting infrared pothole repairs

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Our Pothole Repair Process...

  1. Set up and Preparation -Mark Out Repair.

  2. Start Infrared Heater and Lower Heater Over Repair
  3. Heating Time 7-12 minutes at 2-3 inches depending on Materials, Moisture and Mother Nature.

  4. Scarify the Damaged Area - Take up the burnt asphalt and remove it to get down to a solid base.

  5. Apply Rejuvenator - an additive that brings the old asphalt back to life allowing us to reuse 95% of the existing asphalt.

  6. Add New Asphalt. We keep our asphalt hot when making repairs.    Our "hot box" keeps our asphalt at the optimum temperature.

  7. Regrade Asphalt and compact leaving a finished, level surface. Only the newness of the asphalt distinguishes it from the surrounding surface.

  8. Clean up and on to the next repair. Frank A. Macchione construction never leaves a mess. Professional cleanup is part of every job!

Our process is environmentally friendly. 
We reuse 95% of the existing asphalt and all of our equipment is contained on one truck, minimizing the energy used not just on the job but getting to and from the job. 

Welcome to Frank A. Macchione Construction's Infrared Paving Page, a non traditional venture from a family recyclewith a lot of tradition. After over 40 years in paving, we have decided to bring a new technology to the northeast. We invite you to learn more about seamless infrared asphalt patching, an environmentally friendly, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing technology.

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